Nona Rae Lynch :: Collection - Family:

The late, great Nona Rae Lynch. Vivacious and lovely dance instructor to countless kids in my home town of Pullman, Washington. I will always remember her off to the side of the set at Spokane's KHQ-TV all the times I tap-danced on our local televised talent show, Starlit Stairway. Murdered in 1979, Nona Rae and her husband Bob will always be remembered as kind, loving, and generous people. The world is a lesser place without her.

Man With Haunting Eyes :: Tintype :: Collection: April Fecca

Another sharp dressed man, rocking a black cravat, with piercing eyes and a wave of thinning hair :: Tintype :: Collection: April Fecca

A stern looking old man from the old land, with a salt and pepper chin beard :: Collection: April Fecca:

Three fierce girls :: Collection: April Fecca